Savvy marketing advice, ideas and strategy

Think for a moment. What is the most important goal you need to accomplish with your marketing this month? Is it to:

  • Improve your website content, so that it generates more leads and enquiries?
  • Get more conversions and sales on your sales pages and landing pages?
  • Generate a higher response to your ads and direct mail?
  • Improve your emails and campaigns, so you get better results?
  • Develop content (white papers, articles, ebooks) that wows your audiences and positions you as the go-to company?

I can help.

As an award-winning marketing advisor and copywriter, my specialty is helping businesses plan and create email campaigns, websites, landing pages, ads, and other marketing pieces that get spectacular results.

I’ve worked with hundreds small business CEOs and marketers over the years. You’ll find their success stories and testimonials sprinkled throughout this site. In one case, a training firm had to relocate to larger space because its business doubled within a year of working with me. In another, I helped a software company generate more leads in two months than they had all year.

My approach is a little different than other marketing consultants you might have worked with. Unlike most, I don’t just give you great ideas. I also write the web pages, emails, ads, sales pages, white papers, articles, scripts and other marketing pieces you need to put those ideas into action — quickly and affordably.

According to clients, working with me is like having a seasoned expert you can call on anytime to advise on strategy, dream up great ideas, and write amazingly effective marketing content.

How I work is flexible and tailored to your specific needs.

Some clients hire me for an hour or two where we work by phone and web meeting. Others bring me in for the day. Regardless of how we work, the result is the same: Savvy advice and ideas you can put into action right away.

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In just six weeks, Steve’s marketing ideas helped us double the leads we were generating with our website. In addition, the follow-up emails and scripts he wrote for us were instrumental in bringing in two new big clients. Steve’s consulting is easily the best investment in our business we’ve ever made.

Brent Haskett

President, North Shore Consulting

Let’s talk about how I can help you.