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Tap my 20+ years of experience. My popular courses and training programs make it easy for you (or your team) to write marketing copy that generates more leads and sales. And if you’re a freelancer, I can also help you land high-paying clients.

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Copywriting training for teams

These days, the pressure is on to get more conversions, leads or sales. My copywriting workshops show your team how to write marketing copy that gets results. And the best part is, the training is customized to your specific needs and projects.

New course for freelancers: Authentic Prospecting

Freelancers: Want to reach out to potential new clients (without having to do a lot of salesy nonsense?) In this course, I show you a new approach to cold emailing that actually gets prospects greeting your message with a smile and responding with interest. Try the first three lessons free.

Copywriting courses for individuals

I’ve partnered with top-notch organizations like AWAI and the University of Toronto to offer a range of professional-class copywriting courses. Each features the latest techniques, tools, and templates, along with one-to-one feedback and coaching.

Copy coaching (for individuals and teams)

Want to improve your marketing copy or sales emails in just an hour? My Copy Coaching sessions give you (or your team) immediate feedback, ideas and advice on making your messages stronger—boosting response rates and conversions.

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We recently hired Steve for several Copy Consultations. In just six weeks, his advice and copy ideas helped us more than double the amount of qualified leads we were generating with our website. In addition, the follow-up emails and scripts he helped us write brought in two new big clients. Steve’s advice and writing is easily the best investment in our marketing we’ve ever made.

Brent Haskett

President, North Shore Consulting


I used Steve’s copywriting services to revitalize the website sales page for one of my audio products and write a series of emails to my subscribers. Using his easy-to-follow methods, templates, coaching and feedback, I was able to create marketing copy that more than tripled sales.

Michael Hughes

Principal, The Networking Guru


Steve’s seminar at the CAPS national conference was terrific. It was standing room only! He outlined the principles of persuasive copywriting in a way I’ve never seen before – not because it’s radically new, but rather because it’s radically simple and easy to follow. I have been a professional copywriter for over twenty-five years, and Steve is one of the very few people whose advice and feedback I trust.

Michel Neray

CDO, The Essential Message

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