in-house training for sales teams

May I teach your team how to write emails that get meetings and close sales?

Writing sales emails is tough. In just a few sentences you need to gain attention, build interest, and motivate the prospect to say “Yes” to the next step.

I can show your team how to write “authentically persuasive” emails that get significantly better results.

  • Cold prospecting emails (including LinkedIn DMs) that get more replies and leads.
  • Follow-up emails that land more meetings.
  • Closing emails that get more sales.

Customized to your needs, my workshops feature the latest techniques, templates and formulas — all based on what is really working in today’s selling environment.

And the best part is, the training is so practical and hands-on, you’ll see improvements in your team’s sales emails right away.

Better emails. Higher sales.

What can you expect in my copywriting training sessions?
  • Proven email writing techniques that have been taught to dozens of sales teams who are now getting fantastic results.
  • Exercises focused on what your team is currently writing, so they are moving the sales needle even during the training sessions.
  • Fast-paced, energizing instruction and a lively online learning experience. (No boring lectures or death by PowerPoint.)
  • Practical techniques that participants can put into practice right away to write better sales emails, faster.
  • Feedback and “makeover” sessions of email templates your team is currently using.
  • Several tip sheets, infographics, step-by-step writing formulas and more, so participants can easily use what they learn right away.

Short, Laser-focused Training Sessions. Easy to Schedule.

Each training session is just 60 minutes; ideal for even the busiest of schedules. During a typical session, your team learns and practices a specific set of techniques they can put into action right away.

The sessions can be spaced over several days or weeks, allowing your team to apply the learning and return with questions.

This is real instructor-led training. The sessions are highly interactive, energizing and engaging, featuring plenty of hands-on practice and feedback.

Types of projects your team will be able to strategize and write better:

  • Cold prospecting emails.
  • Follow-up emails.
  • Closing emails.
  • LinkedIn InMail emails.
  • Sales decks.
  • Proposals
  • Case studies / Success stories

Built Around Your Needs

This isn’t off-the-shelf training. Each session is customized to your specific needs and issues.

In addition, I use examples of your emails during the training. As a group, we review them, apply the techniques I’ve taught, and make them better. Your team sees the changes that need to be made and, as a result, quickly learns how to write better, more powerful emails.

Next steps

Ready to turn your sales team into top-performing sales writers? Get in touch today to schedule a quick call or ZOOM meeting to discuss your training needs.

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