“Leverage” Your Way to Better Marketing Results

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I had the opportunity to chat with a fellow marketing guy earlier this month. He was about to do a workshop for a local professional speakers group I belong to and I was helping him set up.

This marketing guy – Aidan Crawford – is one smart fellow. His target market is professional speakers. So doing the workshop obviously helped position him as an expert in front of an eager-to-learn audience. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of those in attendance became new clients for him that very day.

Like I said, smart guy.

Now Aidan could have simply done the workshop, reaped the benefits, and went home with a smile on his face – satisfied he made a connection with twenty or so people in the room.

But he didn’t.

Instead, he used the power of leverage to get even better results.

First, he arranged to have the workshop streamed live on the internet (which, by the way, is remarkably easy and inexpensive to do.) Then he asked if we could spread the word about it to members who couldn’t attend the live event. That would be a big benefit to them, so of course we said yes.

During the workshop, he put a flip camera on the podium to record his presentation. He knew the sound and picture quality wasn’t going to be perfect but, as he put it, “I’ll probably get a few good clips for my website and YouTube page.”

And if that weren’t enough, he also posted his slides on a slide sharing site to drive even more traffic to his doorstep.

I figured by doing those few simple things he tripled the size of his workshop audience – at least – and significantly boosted his marketing results in terms of more awareness of his services, more enquiries, and more leads.

Now that’s leverage.

And that’s something to think about the next time you attend a conference, place an ad, network on a LinkedIn forum, write a blog post, or launch an email prospecting campaign. Ask yourself, “How can I leverage this?”

For example, have you ever had a client say nice things about your services? If so, don’t just bask in the glory. (Okay, bask a little.) Ask if you can use the compliment as a testimonial, and also ask if she knows anyone else in her network who might benefit from your services. That way, you might get testimonial and a hot new lead.

Do you write a blog or e-newsletter? Bundle similar articles together into a special report which you can use as a free offer to generate more leads. You can also get your articles reprinted on websites and in publications your target audience reads.

Do you plan on attending a workshop in the hopes of networking with potential clients? Volunteer to introduce or thank the speaker. That way, the entire audience will know who you are and what you do, rather than just a few prospects you happen to meet.

See what I mean? Always be looking for ways to get more oomph out of every marketing opportunity.

I admit. I’m not nearly as good at leverage as I should be. But from now on, I’m committed to squeezing more juice out of every marketing effort. Consider doing the same.

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