Want authentic, yet highly-persuasive, marketing copy from an award-winning expert?

You know you need great marketing copy to grow sales and revenues: compelling website content, email campaigns, ads, sales pages, you name it.

The challenge is: strategically thinking through and writing those marketing pieces in a way that gets the results you want.

That’s where I can help.

I specialize in crafting marketing copy that builds your brand, tells your story and persuades your audience to click, call, register or buy.

Sure, there are a lot of good copywriters out there. I know, I’ve trained many of them! What makes me different? Clients say they love my writing style — clear, compelling and persuasive. But what they appreciate most is how my advice and copy help them get bottom-line results:

  • More leads and sales.
  • Better conversions.
  • Higher response rates.

Here are my most popular copywriting packages:

Website copywriting

Planning a new or revamped website? Struggling to get the key messages right? I can strategize and write your website so that it articulates your band and generates more leads or sales.

My website copywriting leverages the latest best practices, style, and psychological insights needed to attract more prospects and clients and get them excited about your business and offerings.

A typical website copywriting package includes the following:

  • An in-depth interview and strategy session with you to develop the perfect key messages.
  • Clear, engaging and persuasive copy for each page, including motivating headlines and call-to-actions.
  • Search engine optimization of each page.
  • Suggestions for images and layout that will boost conversions.
  • Recommendations and feedback on the design (as your designer or design firm creates it.)

Website copywriting packages start at $3,500. Contact me here to get started.

Email copywriting

If you want to generate more sign-ups, leads, registrations, renewals or sales, the fastest way is to improve your email campaigns. The better written they are, the better results you’ll get.

Writing conversational emails that get clicks and conversions is one of my most popular specialties. If you need a keep-in-touch series, autoresponder sequence, follow-up series, funnel emails, or other type of email that gets results, let’s talk.

A typical email copywriting package includes the following:

  • A strategy session with you to discuss the details of your campaign and strategize the best approach.
  • Assistance in planning out the email campaign, including the topic of each email.
  • At least two subject line options for each email. (Ideal for A/B testing.)
  • Engaging and motivating content for each email.
  • Suggestions for images and layout that will improve conversions.

Email copywriting packages start at $2,500. Contact me here to get started.

Sales page copywriting

Want to sell consulting, coaching, a course, a program, an event or other high-end product or service online? You’ll need a sales page (aka landing page) that provides all the needed information, and does so in a way that excites prospects and motivates them to buy.

I can write that for you, using the latest best practices in persuasive sales pages (and without ever resorting to hype.)

A typical sales page copywriting package includes:

  • A strategy session with you to discuss the details of your product or program, and strategize the best approach to selling it.
  • Recommendations for structuring and designing your sales page so you get the best results. (I’m familiar with most sales page templates.)
  • Clear, engaging and persuasive content for the page, including motivating headlines and sub-heads.
  • Suggestions for images and layout that will improve conversions.
  • Feedback on the layout and design (as you or your designer create it.)

Sales page copywriting packages start at $3,500. Contact me here to get started.

Have a different copywriting need?

I also strategize and write ads, explainer video scripts, prospecting emails, sell sheets and more. Get in touch here to discuss your project.

[Note: My current clients and workshop teaching schedule are keeping me very busy. As a result, I’m taking on very few new clients these days. But if you have a need, please get in touch anyway. If I’m not available then, chances are, I can recommend several good copywriters who can help you.]


Hire the expert who literally wrote the book on high-response copywriting! Steve is the author of “The Everything Guide to Writing Copy” (Simon & Schuster.)

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