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Advice and Copywriting that Triples Sales

“I used Steve’s copy coaching program to revitalize the website sales page for one of my audio products and write a series of emails to my subscribers. Using his easy-to-follow methods, templates, coaching and feedback, I was able to create marketing copy that more than tripled sales.”

Michael Hughes

The Networking Coach

An Excellent Copywriting Teacher

“Steve is an excellent teacher. His style is concise, relaxed and interesting. I gained a great deal from his teachings and his books. And I left with real hands-on experience through the work that was assigned. Steve is a true expert in his field. Any copywriter could benefit from his suggestions.”

JoAnn Attison

Worshop Participant

Coaching That Builds a Thriving Freelance Business

“Already a successful copywriter, my goal was to take my business to the next level. Steve gave me the tips, secrets and inspiration I need to get there. I highly recommend his coaching program.”

Casey Demchak

Training and Coaching Client

A Wonderful, Practical Copywriting Workshop

“Steve’s workshop on “How to Write Marketing Copy” was full of wonderful practical tips that will improve any type of writing I do. Plus he was patient and extremely generous with his time and knowledge. If you want to write memorable messages that stick, take his course.”

Halina St. James

Workshop Participant

Highly Recommended Courses and Training

“By taking Steve’s course, I learned how to produce top-quality copy effectively and efficiently, and had the priceless opportunity to practice these methods using actual copywriting projects for actual clients. Highly, highly recommended.”

Michael Kelberer

Copywriting Workshop Participant

A Fantastic Copywriting Coach

“Steve is a fantastic business coach. He asks insightful questions and really listens to where you are now, and where you want to go, and helps you get there the fastest way possible. He offers great suggestions on how to do things, based on his years of experience, which cut your learning curve exponentially. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned marketer or freelancer, I highly recommend Steve’s coaching, and all his books and programs. You don’t lose any money with Steve’s help – you leap ahead. Thanks, Steve!”

Lynda Goldman

Training and Coaching Client

An Invaluable Workshop

“Thank you for your talk on “Writing Copy that Sells” at Pro-Track Speaker Academy. Our participants raved about how you are able to take complex content and make it immediately understandable and applicable. Your formula is easy to follow and allowed our participants to create copy within a few minutes that is ready to present to their clients. Thank you for your expertise and creating an easy to follow system that creates success. I would recommend you to any group or individual who wish to create their own marketing copy that will create their success. Thank you for an invaluable presentation!”

Sylvia Plester-Silk

Training and Coaching Client

A Teacher That is Clear as a Bell

“Here’s what I love about Steve Slaunwhite — he is as clear as a bell. Whether he’s teaching copywriting to fellow copywriters like me or writing copy for clients or his own business, Steve has the ability to filter out all mud and contaminents that can make B2B copy or copywriting instruction obscure. Not matter what you pour into Steve’s brain, it comes out pure, clear, and crisp. He’s top drawer and gentleman, to boot!”

Rick Bachus

Copywriting Workshop Participant

“Beyond Delighted” With Steve’s Copywriting Services

“Steve Slaunwhite has been a fundamental member of the project team working on the redesign of the UPS Customs Brokerage sales collatorial. Our successful range of marketing communciations could not have been possible without your outstanding consulting and copywriting. Above all, it was such a pleasure to work with you. We hope to have the opportunity again and again.”

Terri Jarvis

Marketing Communications Manager, UPS

An Insight Seminar on Freelance Copywriting

“I just want to thank you for your the seminar. Without your generosity, this event could not have happened. The PWAC members and other freelance writers who attended this evening will really benefit form your experience and insight.”

John Scholfield

VP Membership, Professional Writers Association of Canada

Imaginative Yet Succinct Marketing Copy

“Many thanks for the writing work you’ve carried out for Exclusive Communications on a variety of projects. You have a knack for honing in quickly on detail and then responding with imaginative yet succinct copy, all against tight deadlines. That you consistently come trhough means we will continue to work with you in the future.”

Peter Jenning

President, Exclusive Communications

One of the Best B2B Copywriters in North America

“In my opinion, Steve is simply one of the best business-to-business copywriters in North America. Steve takes the time to really understand his client’s needs and has an uncanny ability to write copy that reflects the client’s unique “voice” — and that gets results. I worked with Steve on Website copy, e-newsletters, whitepapers and sales letters and all were done superbly. Steve is also a pleasure to work with – open, honest, reliable and fast. I highly recommend Steve as your strategic partner for marketing communications that really matter.”

Rich Gaasenbeek

VP Marketing, IXACT Contact

A Great Presentation Packed with Valuable Information

“Once again, on behalf of RGD Ontario, I would like to thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to host today’s webinar. It is much appreciated! Your presentation was very interesting and you provided the audience with a lot of very useful information. Those email examples, for instance, were really great. You are also a very engaging presenter. We had a few comments come through at the very end saying thanks and that the webinar it was a great presentation. I also received this email from one attendee: ‘Thank you Steve and thank you RGD — a great webinar loaded with valuable information.’ So thanks so much again, Steve! It was a pleasure working with you.”

Mark Scheibmayr

Education and Programs Coordinator, RGD Ontario

Hiring Steve a Great Investment

“Hiring Steve as a marketing coach is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. He really took the time to understand the value I provided, vastly improved how I marketed my services, and shared practical strategies for reaching out to ideal prospects and turning them into clients. My first call with Steve took place a few weeks before I transitioned into full time freelance writing, and within four months, I was exceeding my income projections. Not only is he an expert coach, he’s also very personable and clearly cared about my success. I highly recommend his coaching, his books, and his courses!”

Maggie David Holley

Training and Coaching Client

Fantastic Training Materials and Webinars

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to coach me yesterday. Your insights and advice were extremely helpful, and truthfully, I had an extra bounce in my step after our conversation! As I mentioned yesterday, your training materials and wedinars are fantastic.”

Sonya Jones

Training and Coaching Client


  • 2001 Promo! Marketing Award for Best B2B Direct Mail
  • 2006 ACE Award for Best B2B Direct Mail
  • 2009 Constant Contact Email Marketing All-Star Award
  • 2010 Best Small Business Books Award – SmallBizTrends.com
  • 2011 Small Business Influencer – SmallBizTrends.com

A Terrific Workshop at a National Convention

“Steve’s seminar at the CAPS national conference was terrific. It was standing room only! He outlined the principles of persuasive copywriting in a way I’ve never seen before – not because it’s radically new, but rather because it’s radically simple and easy to follow. I have been a professional copywriter for over twenty-five years, and Steve is one of the very few people whose advice and feedback I trust.”

Michel Neray

CAPS Convention

The Copywriting Expert Who Consistently Comes Through

“Steve dramatically improved the marketing efforts of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers – Toronto Chapter. He was relentless in helping us streamline our communications and consistently deliver high value messages to our members. Throughout the year we faced many deadlines. We knew Steve was stretched thin, but he never complained. He just delivered. During our board meetings, he always contributed valuable insights borne from his many years of marketing experience. I recommend Steve unreservedly!”

Adrian Davis, CSP

Past-President, CAPS Toronto

Engaging and Incredibly Informative Seminar

“I wanted to thank you so much for sharing so much valuable information with us on Saturday… I found your presentation engaging and incredibly informative. The simplicity of the processes that you shared with us is truly elegant. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to create useful copy using the steps you outlined.”

Lorna Wyllson

Workshop Participant

Ideas and Copywriting That Doubles Response

“We recently asked Steve to help us market our business better online. In just six weeks, his advice helped us more than doubled the amount of qualified leads we were generating with our website. In addition, the follow-up emails and scripts he wrote brought in two new big clients.”

Brent Haskett

President, North Shore Consulting

Powerful White Papers and Direct Marketing Copy

“Steve was instrumental in creating a number of powerful white papers and direct marketing copy. Easy to work with, tends to get things right the first time, creative ideas. Highly recommended.”

Mark Organ

CEO, Influitive

Steve Knows His Stuff Like No One Else

“I’ve taken a number of Steve Slaunwhite’s programs as well as worked with him one-on-one. Steve knows his stuff like no one else. He consistently offers sound, practical, real-world advice based on his many years of experience. Without fail, Steve always provides outstanding value in all of his programs and courses. He’s extremely generous with sharing his skills and expertise with his clients and is helpful and encouraging. I hold Steve in the highest regard and recommend his programs and services without reservation.”

Ann Hasselquist

Training and Coaching Client

His Training and Coaching is Fantastic

“Having Steve as a coach has been fantastic! I’m just starting out, and I don’t like to think about where I’d be if I hadn’t had his expert guidance. It has probably saved me years of agony, time, and money. I can’t say enough about how much it has helped me.”

Rebecca McKenzie

Training and Coaching Client

Practical Advice, Tips and Instructions for Copywriters

“Over the past few years, I’ve invested a considerable amount of money into my continuing copywriting education. I’ve ordered and studied many courses from many different coaches in the industry. Of the many manuals and books that don the shelves in my office, Steve’s materials are the ones that I refer to most often. Hands down. Steve offers very practical advice, tips and instructions for copywriters, in a format that’s always easy to follow and understand. I have absolutely no reservations of recommending Steve to any copywriter looking for a veteran coach of the business. I also recommend his books and courses, including “The Everything Guide to Writing Copy”, and “Secrets of Writing for the Business to Business Market” course, which was written for American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI). Great stuff.”

Michael Roach

Training and Coaching Client

Excellent Copywriting Presentation

“Thanks for your excellent presentation at the no-hype copywriting summit! Definitely well received.”

Marcia Yudkin

author of Persuading On Paper and many other books

Award-winning Direct Mail Concepts and Copywriting

“Too often we overlook the time and though process, not to mention the execution that’s gone into a campaign. However, this time around I am pleased to pass on to you the recognition you well deserve for your excellent work on the Scott’s Recall Notification campaign… I am pleased to extend my congratulations with a copy of the ACE Award made out in your name.”

Michel Theriault

Marketing Director, Scott's Directories

Provides 10 Times the Value of His Fees

“They say a good consultant provides 10 times the value of their fees, and Steve did that for me. I recently engaged Steve as a coach to help take my writing business to the next level. He instantly zeroed in on several key areas where I could restructure my services to provide more value to clients and raise my fees. I’ve known Steve as a colleague for years, and I’ve often said he’s personable, helpful, insightful, and an all-around great guy. Now I can add something more to that list: He’s a tremendous business coach, and I plan to engage him again in the near future.”

Gordon Graham

Coaching Client

Breakthrough Marketing Ideas in Minutes

“I recently had the opportunity to talk with Steve about a marketing barrier I was facing. After just 20 minutes of conversation, he came up with two solid, fantastic ideas for me. Both of those ideas suit my business and marketing style perfectly. In just minutes, he helped me see how I can take a fresh and fun new angle on my marketing efforts.”

Pam Foster

Training and Coaching Client

Highly Recommended Copywriting Coaching and Training

“I hired Steve as a copywriting coach for over a half-dozen phone sessions in 2007. His help has been invaluable in terms of expanding my own copywriting business — in terms of bringing in more clients, learning how to market myself properly as well as conquering some of my anxieties and fears. Steve answered every question I had with patience and expertise. I highly recommend his coaching and his courses!”

Sharon Goldman

Training and Coaching Client

Invaluable Coaching and Insights

“Wanted to thank you once again for your invaluable coaching sessions. Over the last few weeks the insights you shared with me are already having a very positive effect on my writing, prospecting and quoting efforts.”

Ed Gandia

author and owner of B2BLauncher.com

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