Writing for Ad Agencies and Design Firm (Part 1)

Here’s a question for you…
Which market has the most work for freelance copywriters and business writers these days? Is it corporations? Small businesses? Non-profits?
None of the above.
As you can guess from the title of this post, the answer is: Ad Agencies and Design Firms.
In fact, it’s always been a hot market. There are more than 70,000 of these firms throughout Canada and the United States. And most hire freelance writers regularly.
How do you break into this market?
A couple of years ago I did a teleclass program on that very topic. I explained step-by-step how to approach ad agencies and design firms, land good-paying projects, and work effectively with these types of clients.
Today I’m giving my readers (like you) free access to that teleclass recording.
You can listen to part one here:

(Part two is coming next week.)

By the way, this teleclass recording is not a teaser. There is no upsell at the end. There’s nothing else to buy. Everything I know about writing for ad agencies and design firms is in the teleclass.

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